Campus Retreat 2015, August 12th - 15th

The Asheville Church campus ministry will be hosting a retreat to kick off the upcoming 2015 school year.  Please register today and join us for an inspiring and refreshing start to a new semester. We are looking forward to seeing you and hope you had a wonderful summer!

Here are the details below.  We'll post additional information as it becomes available.  Check back regularly.

Dates: August 12th - August 15th
Location: Sylva, NC (see below for more details on meeting location)
Cost: $10 (lodging and meals included)

Send payment by check or cash to:
Casey Kuan
135 Elkwood Ave
Asheville, NC 28804

New Student Move-in Logistics
Please note, this retreat is being held a few days before students can move into their dorms.  We want to make this challenging transition as smooth as possible for our new students. So, please plan on one of these two options below:
  1. New students can store all belongings at the current student's homes prior to the retreat on August 12th.  Moving into the dorms will happen after the retreat. Please contact us to schedule storing your belongings with us.

    Women: Banna Waldenese (see below for full contact info).

    Men: Alec Nunez (see below for full contact info).

  2. New students can meet their parents on Saturday with all their belongings around noon (12pm) for their move-in.
NOTE: We strongly encourage option 1, but with either option, the Asheville Church campus ministry will aid in moving you into your dorms on Saturday after the retreat.  Please make every effort to plan ahead for your move. We want you to join us on this amazing retreat and making good plans will help facilitate that.

Where and when are we meeting?
The cabin address is 1064 Middle Ridge Rd, Sylva, NC.  GPS will not get you there and the dirt road leading up to the cabin is hard to navigate, so we will have two carpools leaving Asheville on Wednesday, August 12th.
  1. The first carpool will be leaving at 11:30 am from the campus houses.  Please try to arrive by 10am if you need help with your belongings.  Men will meet at the brother's house and women will meet at the sister's house.

    Sister's house address:
    135 Elkwood Ave
    Asheville, NC 28804

    Brother's house address:
    64 Merrimon Ave
    Weaverville, NC 28787

  2. If you cannot make the first carpool, then the second carpool will be leaving at 6:00 pm from the sister's house (see above for address).
NOTE: If you are not able to make either of these carpool times, please contact James Hatfield (see below for contact info).

What do I Bring?
  • Bring a journal and a Bible.
  • Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, and toiletries.

How much does it cost?
It only costs $10.  All food and lodging is included. The Asheville Church campus ministry has been fundraising much of the needed money for this retreat and the cabin was donated by a family within the Asheville Church.

What else?
  • Please pray for the retreat.
  • Please try your best to attend this retreat. Do not let money or time be a hindrance. We will make sure to accommodate your needs as best we can so that you can join us.
  • If parents have questions or concerns, please contact James Hatfield.

Special Notes...
  • There will be no WiFi/cell phone reception at the retreat; be sure to notify parents/guardians ahead of time.
  • A detailed schedule/itinerary will be released later by email to those who have registered.

Our Contact Info

Cell: (919) 518-6838

Cell: (919) 451-6880

Southeast Evangelism Conference 2015, September 4th - 6th - REGISTER TODAY

The SEC 2015 Regional "Southeast Evangelism Conference" will be hosted this year in Greenville, SC. This year, we expect over 5000 disciples from all over Southeastern U.S. to congregate in Greenville on September 4-6 for the Conference, entitled "Compelled 2015."

The event will be held in the TD Convention Center near downtown Greenville.  During the 3-day event, conference attendees will join in community service events all over the city. We look forward to an amazing weekend in September!  More details to come.

September 4th - 6th

Adults - $74
9th to 12th Grade - $46
6th to 8th Grade - $20
Ages 4 to 5th Grade - $5
Infant to 3 Years - Free

Register here.

Sermons available online

Great news from the Asheville Church. You can now download sermons and related lessons online. Go to our Resources section and click on the Sermons page. We'll post up audio recordings regularly with new and fresh content. So, check back frequently. Thanks again to the willing and serving hearts that make this possible!

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