Our History

In 2010, a few men from the Triangle Church of Christ in Raleigh, NC got together and conceived the idea of planting a church in Asheville.  Though they were all active members of the Triangle Church, they felt a strong calling to move out of their comfort zone (literally) and let God use them to further His kingdom in another geographic area.  It was frightening to think about selling homes, uprooting families, and finding new jobs in an unfamiliar city across the state; all during an economic recession.

So after much prayer, the men proposed the idea to the elders of the church and quickly won their support.  The next 10 months were spent recruiting, planning, praying, and fasting.  Finally, in spring of 2011, four young families and a handful of college students set out to plant a new seed in Asheville.  They were welcomed by four other families who were already situated here.  These families had been meeting in house church for a couple of years and were glad to see more disciples come to Asheville.  Both groups united to become the initial members of the Asheville Church.

It's been several years since our inaugural worship service (April 17th, 2011) and we are more convinced than ever that God has amazing plans for our church and the people of Asheville.  We have been blessed with new additions to our church family and our members have matured spiritually over the years.

Though we are imperfect and are not without our challenges, we trust that God will continue to bless our efforts in spreading the message of salvation throughout Asheville.  Already, He has shown us that it doesn't take much to do glorious things.  God has used our little bit of faith, handful of willing hearts, and spirit of perseverance to grow new roots in this city.  He has blessed us tremendously and we are excited to see God continue to work in our church as we work to make new disciples of Christ.

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